The first company I worked for 5 years ago is a interesting software company named ‘Business Focus’ instead of xxx technology group/corporation. The big boss of this company once answered my question “how to make big fortune?” in company’s annual party with this…

Former Boss’s word

Here it is:

  • I am man who is major in management & running, in my point of view, i think that everything in the world needs ur management, like team, company, marriage, relationship and so on.
  • U need put ur heart into this day-to-day running/management
  • And when u can afford more, then u can earn more.

But I forget it until recently i came to my hometown to rebuild my life and career, find that most of my youth parnters or peers chose manager kind way, like a leader of brand in a shopping mall(the biggest mall of wuhan), a manager of a logistic&transportation branch company, a boss of one of the startup in Donghu Technology Development Zone(东湖新技术开发区) AT THE BEGINNING, I mean 5 years ago.

Quit Coding job

Transfer to Support Team & Project Team

And that’s the reason why i personally choose to ignore my past accumulations of coding job.

Yes, I quite like coding job, but i still quit it.

I realized the fact that if u wanna achieve more, u need delegate or hire somebody to work for u or reduce ur work to ur partners.

The key point is not that u can make 300,000$ per year when you get into manager team like PMO, but u learned the skills that boss, high layer of the company, ur father, ur mentor, ur master and so on did.

Companies Want u

Running or Management of business, group/company, team, relationship is not something that cannot be talked publicly.

Are u afraid of being treated as an ambitious guy and question ur loyalty by ur company?

In fact, I fint it the oppsite way.

Companies urgently need guys who know and wanna do management work

  • whether u know IT development or not (cus’ the working field is totally different)

Why companies need?

‘Cus it is a tough, fuzzy, annoying work. (almost 80 hours a week in certain group)

I know lots of guys of the coding job who are happy with taking responsibility of their own field instead of every routine or process of the devopment. They hate XP, Agile Programing theories. Most of them choose to ignore Software Enginering and Project Management due to the low standard of delivery ensurance.

  • they choose to maintain and fix it at the second or third stage.

In Chinese words: We are only workers who do the job(我们只是干活的,公司只是要个能干活的).

I deeply doubt that whether there is someone else doesn’t treat him as a worker when he treat himself just as a worker. (Once we think we take charger of the whole Project, we pay more energy on it and do things better)

Carefully Try

Most of us dare to think of this, not to mention a try.


How it happens when u don’t try?

How it happends when u quit at the first failure?

How it happends when u don’t have a desire to finish it?

No need to hurry to blame or judge

if u are short of money to living, pay the rent, raise the whole family, I’d not recommand u.

  • developing work earns the same, or even more higher in certain big company like e-business Ali Group, certain Tecent Gaming Team

But if u are not in this case and u are below 35 in china, u need a try, ‘cus there are chances.

Try What?

Try u best, to fit in. (the latter is more important)

Anyway, I am in and keep moving just like Ang Lee (movie director)

Keep Patient

Things don’t always go as we expected.

It depends how patient u are and how lucky u are.

This is just a blind date, u cannot ensure all the women/men u meet are ur type.

U deserve Better. — actually they wanna better and refuse to offer the same

And My word is Keep moving, Keep learning.

Sometimes, in ur life, when u have the resources and capitals to choose a better way(u think), u don’t need to doubt, just keep moving. Unbending is not a good word, but it is not a bad word either.


In my current limit of view, I cannot see more.

I put here two pictures FYI, for ur own independent thinking.


where r u?