Software Process Management

I not only write code, I manage the process too.

This article sums up software process lifecycle & process and its management approach including CMM/CMMI, Srcum, DevOps.

Rethink ur job

Rethink ur job in the production process

R u a Coder? a Programmer, Worker, Software Engineer?

Do u understand the differences among those roles?

I believe u do.

Rethink the Software

Rethink the Software Type(Market)

what kind of of software are u devloping all the time?

  • Enterprise Software, like 金蝶,SAP, IBM, Oracle, Microsoft;2C
  • Internet Corporations’ Software, like alibaba, tecent, netease; mainly 2B

Do u know the differences?

Keywords: Complexity, Performance(Network traffic flow).

Rethink Company

Do u know What kind of company u r working for and what kind of developing method ur company carrys out?

There are almost 2 type company of software and technology of IT & servcie.

  • traditional software company
    • software sells company 需求&渠道&销售公司
    • 方案设计公司
    • 编码实现公司 — outsourcing (if u know only about coding, then most probably u are annoyed by this type of company)
  • internet company

Todo. 10/09/2020