SpringBoot and SOFABoot Review

It just a quick way to launch a spring project with extra features like auto-config, auto jar management, embeded inner web container, health monitor…

I should have put it in SpringCloud Review since most of Spring Cloud’s component is provided in the form of starters, but I need recommand (or refer to) another framework SOFAboot.

This article inclues all common used starters like redis, mongodb, mysql, elastic search, cassandra, kafka and so on.

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SpringCloud Review

Springcloud is a stack which contains many techniques to build multi-services. It just like a toolbox, by compsing which architect leader can design and implements multi services to support thier business.

Since it itself is in the progress of updating and abandon, I am not sure whether what I recommend here is suitable tomorrow or not. Cors. may enlarge its own techniques based on these frameworks. All in all, here I just write what I have learnt.

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Apache Kafka Review

As far as I know, it’s not only used as a sink, but also data source for stream computation framework like Spark, Storm.

Here I pay more attention to its Concurrent Design(multi producers, consumers, topics) than its Storage Model.

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Apache Zookeeper Review

Animal keeper manages all kinds of animals. It does a lot which troubles me giving it a single category. A config center like spring cloud config or apollo ? A register and discover center like eureka, consul? A cluster manager? A message bus?

I privately prefer to treat it as a Cluster Manager after looking at HBase, Kafka, Storm, HDFS cluster. So here I am talking about Election, Node Management.(distributed lock is not for now)

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Apache Hbase Review

A key-value database based on HDFS which relies on zookeeper to manage its cluster. Oh, it stoges data by column, which is better to timely insert and random query, especially for big, big tables.

You can learn Architecture of Hbase Cluster(Region, HMaster…), CRUD Logic from this post.

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Apache Cassandra Review

Not like any other database(nosql), Casandra is a p2p or decentralization colum based NoSQL.

And because of this very type, it’s necessary to talk about its Design of Storage Model(column family), Read-Write Strategy(includes consistent hash).

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Apache Flink Review

Not like Spark, Flink is mainly designed to deal with stateful data set(batch) and data stream vary in different use cases. Besides I personally think its hierarchical api system is friendly to us.

This short article includes its Computaion Model, Cluster Architecture, Api Category.

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