Why I choose 'Distributed System' as one of my Main Subject?

Why I choose 'Distributed System' as one of my Main Subject?

In a word, it is not the way u choose, but the spirit to finish that really matters.
Another word is distributed system is a field which is rich enough for one to consume his energy instead of being envolved in the abyss of desire.

Abyss of desire

Before I went out of school, i have been an intern of an outsoucing company for a while, as a java web developer(mainly using spring2.5 serials). Although the salary is suffient for life, but i wanna make more.


I haven’t read books like <finance freedom> or <rich dad poor dad>.

I treated my career as a job which earns monthly and I had no intent to think more about life&career or salary/feedback stuff, because I got a lot when the formal offer as a framework & driver developer came. (which I was trained for 2 years from java to c/cpp)

The temporate promotion made me give up thinking more.

In my old mind, I thought doing a hardware related job may be a way to earn more.

It is true, but not the one I want.

Which one is my desire?

I didn’t know, but I just felt the limitation of this job is not high enough, and so is the money.

You may think I am a guy who is always chasing for money (money monster)

Not really.

Exactly, I have interests in develping great software, ie: client end app or backend system.

  • For which, i have learned other techniques like QT, SWing, Python, Golang and so on.

And then, after worked 3 years, i totally lost.

  • Where am i gonna go?
  • What on earth am I doing now?

<money never sleep>

<money never sleep>

Just like the words we always keep in the tongue Risk comes from not knowing what you're doing.

I started to learn more and more to decrease fear and anxiety.

It never works, it put u in dead loop which keeps u too busy to think the key factor.

I tried and I was tired, so I drove away from the track. And later i gradually understood a lesson:

  • if u wanna get more from outside, the outside will ask for more the opposite

In our short life, we don’t have too much time and energy to accomplish more than we could offer.

Eliminate waste and focus on less will be a quick and realistic way.

  • Providing that u have totally $10 in the pocket, if u put it into 10 containers, then each container holds 1; if u put it into 2 contains, then each one holds 5.

Less is Enough, Less is More.

(earning more is another topic, which is influenced by multi factors, not only the job type)

Main Subject

It is clear that Distributed System is my major for the job.

But when I am taking about Main Subject, I actually mean ability or skill which Major is included.

Main Subjects for me including 3 things:

  • mastering major, profession, that is solving Distributed System related problems
  • knowing finance management or accounting work
  • running a commitee, a company and so on

The first is the base of the rest two because we only invest in what we are familier with.

And this is the result of Less is More.


Finally, we can talk about Why Distributed System ?

To put it short, here are 3 reasons:

  • it’s not an entry level subject as a profession
  • it’s a huge field which needs a lot labour to dev and maintain
    • a lot of business needs it to support thier huge info network
  • it makes more salary/income(in the view as an employee)

In my personal exprience, it takes more energy so that u can take ur short life more efficiently instead of wasting on some boring、meaningless trivia.

Finally, Love ur job(major), Love ur identity!

Love ur job(major), Love ur identity!